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Extra Credit Project (Optional)

Optional BEE 3500 Extra Credit Project Plan (Hard copy only; Due 5 PM, Wednesday, November 14, 2018, in Room 105)

This optional “project” (that can add up to 3 points to your class composite score) is not meant to be a research project — that would be too much to ask in this class that already has a lot going on for 4 credits.  The goals of this optional work are:

1) To convince yourself that what we learn here indeed has wide ranging applications in biological systems

2) To identify the relevant equations and terms contained in transport equations, and how they relate to the physical process being modeled in relation to what is covered in class

3) Develop additional experience in problem solving, following guidelines provided in BEE 3500

Some of you want to do a mini research project like modeling a process on your own from scratch.  We would have loved to allow such possibilities; however, such projects almost always require significant help from the instructor or TAs.  This being a large class, our times are already committed.

Directions for final submission are included below.

You need to work in a group of two.  In a group, both will get the same grade so make sure you have a partner who will contribute equally.

For the plan, you need to submit a paper copy by the deadline date and time. It needs:

  • A title
  • A short summary of the article you chose (use Web of Science to find one), in your own words (1 paragraph)
  • Most important–your plan of how you will setup the simplified problem. This should be a couple of paragraphs, enough so I understand your plan. It is okay to make it longer.
  • Citation of the article, in any format, but including journal, year, volume, pages, title…

After you have a plan on how you will approach, you need to setup one meeting with Prof. Datta or one of the TAs for 10 minutes. We will do our best in making sure your plan is reasonable. This has to be done before the initial submission. 

Instructions for optional BEE 3500 Extra Credit Project Report (Due 5 PM, Wed, November 28, 2018)

  • From your chosen article, your goal will be to develop a simplified problem (and solution) in a format and level of difficulty the same as your homework problems. As an engineer, developing an ability to simplify is critical for practical use of the concepts you learn in this class. For the purpose of this extra credit work, you can change the original problem (from the article) as much as you like if the original turns out to be too difficult.  This requires a clear understanding of the article.
    • You follow the template (exampleextracredit.pdf) as closely as possible–all those questions in the solution steps need to be at your file as well, along with your answers. The entire report should be typed, along with the equations. I am including a Word version of file ( example-extra-credit) where you can replace the answers with yours.
    • Again, my goal is for you to practice each of the steps in problem solving, most importantly step 2 of problem solving. Report the simplified problem and solution just like the solved problems in text.
  • You need to attach a copy of the original article. Your submission is not complete without a copy of the original article.
  • Submit one report (report+original article) for the group. Send electronically in one email to the head TA, Debmalya. No hard copies.
  • Note: the deadline for the initial submission (of plan) is earlier as mentioned in the above section.
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