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Is it important to have taken or be currently enrolled in Fluid Mechanics?

Yes. The most important part of Fluid Mechanics that we will use is perhaps the section on boundary layer. There are also important parallels between Fluid Mechanics and Heat and Mass Transfer (topic of BEE 3500).

Is this course an extension of BEE 2600?

Not at all. We try to overlap some contents in core courses, so there is some material that you have seen in Thermo, BEE 2600 and BEE 1510 that you would see in this course. However, BEE 3500 is a fundamental engineering science course that is focused on one coherent subject matter of transport (heat and mass transfer) processes.

How much math?

Math is not the emphasis in this class. We will use only a tiny fraction of what you learned in the calculus courses. At the beginning of the class, I provide a primer that covers most of the simple math that is regularly used. Other than that, we use the separation of variables techniques that you did in Math 2930.

Can I take another Heat and Mass Transfer course?

Although our primary intent is to teach many of the same fundamentals, we believe learning is more effective when done in the right context. Thus, we cover heat and mass transfer in various biological (bioprocessing/biomedical/environmental) context and examples. We also cover some unique content that are critical to biological systems and may be so in mechanical, chemical and other systems. Therefore, BEE 3500 is required for all BEE majors.

Is this a biological and environmental applications course?

No, as said earlier, we are really aiming at the fundamentals through the biological/environmental applications. After this course, 4000 level courses should allow you to get into more design.

Where in the real world do I get to practice the material covered here?

These fundamentals are applicable in just about any application. You may want to consider doing the extra credit project where you would look for real world applications beyond what is covered in this class. See also Cool Stuff on this website

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