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Makeup Policy


For all exceptions, including interviews and religious occasions, the head TA needs to know before the event, barring medical emergencies and conditions (note from Cornell Health is required, when appropriate). Without prior notification or without valid reasons, no makeup can be provided.  I hope you understand why these rules are needed for a large class–we would like to spend all the time you need, but in productive ways.  Following are the specific instructions for makeup:

Quiz and Problem Solving Modules

No makeup is possible for these on-line activities. Please put these in your schedule and start early.


  • For medical reasons: Due on the first day (not first lecture) you feel better (please email the head TA as soon as possible) unless solutions have been posted; in which case, homework can no longer be accepted (your homework average will be based on the rest of the homework).
  • For non-medical reasons: Prior approval from the head TA is required. Due date does not change but email the head TA if you are out of town.
  • Makeup homework: Only when agreed upon by the head TA. Please put homework in his/her mailbox in 114 Riley-Robb Hall.
  • Late homework will get a zero grade.


Two weeks’ notice before the exam date noting the specific course(s) that the BEE 3500 exam conflicts with and your effort in trying to persuade the other instructor to change dates.  For medical conditions at the last minute, let the head TA know as soon as you feel better and with the earliest time you can take the exam.


Email the head TA if you cannot make it to a lecture. Attendance is required. Filled Powerpoints are not provided; you need to get the lecture notes from your classmates.

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