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Course Prerequisites

Fluid Mechanics (can be taken simultaneously); Calculus through differential equations

Meeting Time and Place

Lectures MWF at 11:15 AM – 12:05 PM in 105 Riley-Robb Hall

Textbook and Course Notes

  • Datta, A.K. 2017. Heat and Mass Transfer: A Biological Context. CRC Press. I follow the textbook very closely. The textbook has additional explanations and, most importantly, problem solving strategies throughout. Homework problems are assigned by number from the text.
  • Datta, A.K. 2018. BEE 3500 course notes. Copies of all overheads used in lectures are provided to you at cost.
  • Both available at Campus Store. Prior year versions should not be used.


Lec # Topics (Chapters and topics follow the text)
2 CHAPTER 1.  EQUILIBRIUM AND ENERGY CONS.; Laws of Thermodynamics; Energy Conservation; Temperature in living systems & the environment
3 CHAPTER 2.  MODES OF HEAT TRANSFER; Conduction Heat Transfer and Thermal Conductivity; Convection Heat Transfer
4 Radiation Heat Transfer; CHAPTER 3: GOV. EQN. AND BOUNDARY COND. OF HEAT TRANSFER; Derivation of governing equation
5 Special forms of governing equation; Cylindrical coordinates; The bio-heat transfer equation for mammalian tissue; Overview of governing equations
6 General Boundary Conditions; CHAPTER 4: STEADY-STATE HEAT CONDUCTION; Slab
7 Multiple slabs; Cylinder
8 Problem Solving Session
9 Slab with heat generation; Thermoregulation
10 CHAPTER 5: UNSTEADY-STATE CONDUCTION; Lumped parameter analysis
11 Slab with internal resistance; Average temperature
12 Implications of analytical solution; Numerical example; Semi-infinite region
13 Introduction to numerical solution; Review for exam
14 CHAPTER 6: CONVECTIVE HEAT TRANSFER; Boundary layer; Definition of h
Prelim 1: 7:30 – 9:30 PM; Room 125 Riley-Robb Hall
15 Movie/equations of convective heat transfer coefficient for various situations;
16 Numerical example;  Complete convection
17 CHAPTER 7: HEAT TRANSFER WITH CHANGE OF PHASE; Freezing of pure water, solution, cells and tissues
18 Freezing time calculation
19 CHAPTER 8: RADIATIVE HEAT TRANSFER; Thermal radiation as part of electromagnetic spectrum; Reflection, absorption and transmission; Emission
No class; Fall Break
20 Fraction of energy emitted over a wavelength range by ideal and real bodies
21 Solar, atmospheric and earth surface radiation; Radiative exchange between bodies
22 Problem solving session
23 Radiative exchange problem solving; Radiative heat transfer coefficient; Summary
24 CHAPTER 9: EQUILIBRIUM AND MASS CONSERVATION; Concentrations in a gas; Mass conservation: Equilibrium in liquid-gas
25 Equilibrium in solid-gas and solid-liquid; Kinetics of zero and first order reactions
26 CHAPTER 10: MODES OF MASS TRANSFER; Darcy flow in a porous solid; Capillary flow
27 Osmotic flow; Diffusion mass transfer; Interpretation of diffusivity; Diffusivity for gases, liquids and solids
28 Dispersion in fluid and porous media; Convective mass transfer; Comparisons of the modes of mass transfer; Summary
Prelim 2: 7:30-9:30 PM – Room 125 Riley-Robb Hall
29 CHAPTER 11: GE AND BC FOR MASS TRANSFER; Governing equation for mass transfer; Boundary conditions
30 Boundary conditions complete; Problem formulation;
31 CHAPTER 12: STEADY STATE MASS TRANSFER; A slab; Composite slab; Other geometries
32 Slab with chemical reaction; analogy to heat transfer; Summary
33 CHAPTER 13; UNSTEADY-STATE DIFFUSION/DISPERSION; Lumped parameter; Slab with internal resistance
34 Slab—continued; Semi-infinite region
35 CHAPTER 14: CONVECTIVE MASS TRANSFER; Governing equation; Convection-dispersion in an infinite fluid
36 Convection-dispersion in a semi-infinite region
37 Convection-diffusion in a stagnant gas
38 Convective mass transfer coefficient defined; Analogy to formulas for h; Numerical example of moisture transport from a wet surface
39 Natural convection mass transfer; Chapter summary
40 Course summary; More complex processes; Exam discussions
FINAL EXAM:  Date, Time and Room will be on university website


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